Dr. Garmon has been teaching leadership for more than 15 years, but only now (2015) has he felt the inner urging and collegial encouragement to formalize his teaching and training program, creating a training institute and leadership factory. Part of the rationale in waiting until now was the conviction that leadership training should take place from a foundation of theory that has been tested by the fire of experience, both locally and globally.


Dr. Garmon’s work with People for Care and Learning (PCL), an International NGO (Non Governmental Organization), provides valuable insight into the scope and outcomes of Dr. Garmon’s leadership ability in real world circumstances.

Fred Garmon has been plundering the Egyptians for a long time; collecting intellectual data from wherever it might be found and putting it to use in the Kingdom. This passionate pursuit has taken him through college, seminary, a university PhD program, subsequent workshops and seminars, and—perhaps most valuable—25 years in the local church pastorate, learning all he can about the principles and practices of leadership. He sincerely believes that one of the church’s greatest missions is to instill leadership skills in the new generation of spiritual leaders.


Dr. Garmon speaks from experience, but he also understands theory and research. He is involved daily in the life of the church, serving as superintendent of Southeast Asia for Church of God World Missions; Executive Director of PCL (People for Care and Learning), a humanitarian arm of the denomination; a professor in the doctoral program of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary; and he interacts regularly with administrative bishops and pastors as a leadership consultant. These activities are carried out against the backdrop of an effective career as a pastor.




Book: Light in the Window: The Story of People for Care and Learning  (Amazon.com) 


Visit Youtube and/or Vimeo sites to see videos about the work of PCL.