Dr. Fred Toke, PsyD, is the founder of Lee Community College and is the current vice president of Singapore Psychotherapists Guild and was given the Asia-Pacific Brands Award in 2011 and was also a nominee for the Singapore's Spirit of Enterprise award in 2009.   Read more...

TOKE LABS - Asia-Pacific Labs Also offered in the U.S. 




Molly Matthew, M.D.

Ophthalmologist, Jesselton Medical Centre

"Dr Fred Toke's talk was much more than my expectations. A witty and endearing speaker who can engage everyone intellectually. The talk was stimulating and more people should attend it."

Jasimah Jamir, M.D.

Medical Doctor, Penang General Hospital

"I have not laughed this much in a class before. Dr Toke is truly an inspiration!" 

Lai Fong Hwa, PsyD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

"The workshop I attended was well balanced with theories and practice. Dr Toke was effective at making psychological know-how available to non-psy trained people to apply them in their area of work. His sharing of case examples were useful."

Leo Tin Boon

Senior Manager, Administration Temasek Defence Systems Institute National University of Singapore

I feel this introductory course benefits every employee regardless of his/her position in an organisation. As long as we need to interact with people, we need to understand how people think. Dr Toke's course helps a lot in shaping this understanding."

Asst. Prof. Tan See Seng, PhD

National Technological University

"My 1st degree was in Psychology, but Dr Fred Toke's applied emphasis was excellent! My unreserved endorsement! "

Assoc. Prof. Christopher Yap, PhD

National University of Singapore

"Excellent review and introduction. Very helpful in understanding the phases of life."

Mr. Stanley Lee

Former Director of Student Life Singapore Management University

"Excellent! I like the many case references & examples to lighten the theoretical input."

Mr. Gary Seston

Vice Principal Senior School United World College of SE Asia (Dover Campus)

"Our team unanimously gave positive feedback  after the course and felt empowered and inspired to begin developing a resilience programme within the school.

I can recommend Dr Fred Toke as a trainer and the resilience course enthusiastically."


Mr. Terry Chan

CEO, Sabah Air

“I have learnt and benefitted from Dr Toke’s lectures. Gave me the confidence to motivate and counsel my staff.”

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