About the Program


The 10ES-ELP is a certificate level leadership institute designed to expose leaders and managers to next level leadership concepts, an inspirational learning environment, and a secure learning community that will:


  • Ignite a passion to learn

  • Provide valid and reliable, confidential feedback

  • Provide information that is instantly applicable, and

  • Provide the ability and resources to impart to others what is learned.



Many leaders do the right things intuitively but do not know how to articulate the process appropriately. The 10ES-ELP will provide a vocabulary that enables leaders to lead and managers to manage at a different level.


The 10ES ELP utilizes a COHORT Model of a maximum 40 students per cohort (group)– creating a personal learning community, experiencing together a corporate journey of growth and development.


The ES10 ELP, is unique, exposing participants to fascinating leadership related concepts, theory and practical skills that are context sensitive to ministry and marketplace leaders.


This 10ES ELP is interdisciplinary, providing faith-based leaders the analytical framework, tools, and common vocabulary necessary to execute strategic ministry, business, mission, and vision. The program also encourages each participant to become a life-long learner, creating learning organizations and ministries that can appropriately adapt to changing circumstances and contexts.


The 10ES ELP looks for high potential candidates. Translating that potential into a pipeline of leadership talent is our mission and goal.



Those completing the 10ES ELP receive a Certificate of Completion from LeaderLabs

and may also earn credit hours towards a degree at several colleges or universities. *


The following academic institutions endorse the 10ES ELP:

The Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS), Cleveland, Tennessee

* several other university endorsements are pending


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