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What the 10ES ELP Program “is not.”


The LeaderLabs 10ES Executive Leadership Program does not (1) attempt to duplicate or compete with seminary or theological education.  The 10ES ELP does not (2) attempt to present a comprehensive review or summary of every stream of research that touches the subject of leadership.


I state upfront and admit my bias in that I have made judgments about the relevance and importance in deciding what material to cover and include in this program. These judgments were not, however, made haphazardly, but have been based on my years of study and continuous review of academic materials, articles, books, seminars, and conferences spanning across multiple applicable disciplines. My selections are also influenced by my educational experience in the fields of theology and organizational leadership, which have been integrated into more than 30 years of experience in the full time ministry; both within the USA and on the mission field.  My content selections have additionally been informed by years of teaching, training, researching and consulting. And finally, the 10ES ELP content has been and continues to be reviewed by colleagues who share the passion for leadership development. My goal is to present the most relevant findings from all pertinent silos, with a focus on information that can be implemented, acted on, and utilized in day-to-day faith-based circumstances.

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