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We all live and do ministry under the influence of “The Law of Limited Resources.”

We additionally have to do ministry and work in a fast-paced, white water world; everything’s moving faster than ever before.

And all predictions say it’s only going to get faster. Enter— deadlines, expectations, conflicting events, priorities, and stress. We struggle to juggle and balance our ministry/work world with our personal lives, families, and attempts to be prepared for our futures. 


This LAB provides cutting edge ideas and best practices for intentionally planning and exercising conscious control over your schedule and attention. 


We must, therefore, habitually ask ourselves a few important questions:

1. Where should I invest my time and energy?

2. How can I take control of my technology and calendar?

3. What should my priorities be?


Time and priority management, therefore, may actually be a misnomer. 

The real challenge is not managing time, but learning how to manage ourselves.


Learn how to:

1. Control your calendar.

2. Harness your attention.

3. Schedule your values.

4. Organize and act on your priorities.

5. Develop healthy and consistent habits.

6. Act on your intentions.

7. Model the way for others.

8. Stay motivated and reach your goals.

9. Move one LAB closer to earning your ADVANCED LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE.



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