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Scholars and managers have been studying conflict and how to manage it since around the mid 21st century and they’re still working at it. Their thoughts and understandings are based on some very good research so we’ve got something to build on as we seek to handle conflict better. 



Managing conflict is not the kind of thing that involves a simple and easy recipe. I can’t say that if you follow my formula you’ll always get a quick, easy result. No, conflict is a fine art; among the most challenging thing humans will attempt. It involves many subtleties and every situation is different. 



We can understand conflict better and thus we can get better at its’ management. Each of us has to work at it according to our own personality. So, there are no simple recipes. But I can give you many suggestions, processes, and ideas that you can employ to obtain better results.



I will, however, in the process of this LAB, provide 10 Skills that can help to create a “proactive and preemptive” process and culture of preventing destructive conflict and utilizing productive aspects of conflict. 


The bottom line is that we will be discussing conflict—ways to handle and ways not to handle. At the end of this LeaderLAB, I believe you will be able to handle conflict much better.


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