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Managing Your Connections


The Loneliness Epidemic and the Existential Importance of Relationships


We are more connected technologically today than ever before—but we have lost the human side of it all. We have sown the proverbial wind and we are reaping the whirlwind.


It’s not an either-or option. There are wonderful advantages that accompany this information age. But there are also terrible consequences if we don’t learn to manage it.


This is the impetus and passion behind the creation of this LAB—that the outcomes of this teaching will result in bringing awareness to the problem of loneliness and isolation. And that it might ignite within the LAB’s participants a fire of moderation, personal discipline, and concern.


We can learn to MANAGE OUR CONNECTIONS—technological and human, while also bringing back the understanding that we are first and foremost created for HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

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