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Dr. Tim Hill

General Overseer, Church of God

Former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch is quoted as saying "Before you are a leader,  success is all about growing yourself. When you are a leader, success is all about growing others." 


Dr. Fred Garmon is indeed modeling that success is synonymous with growing others to achieve their maximum potential through the training he offers in LeaderLabs. After observing firsthand the effectiveness of Dr. Garmon's skill as a communicator and trainer in a broader global setting for several years, I can, with great confidence, endorse his proven techniques in the seminar and classroom setting as well. Almost immediately, you will be aware of the quality, excellence and definite enjoyment of a most valuable learning encounter. 

Dr. Raymond Culpepper

Former General Overseer and current 1st Asst General Overseer, Church of God

Dr. Fred Garmon connects. His personal style, skillful communication, and scholarly background touch people where learning happens. I have known him for years, respected his leadership, and admired his character. His achievements with People for Care and Learning, and his success in Cambodia, underscore the fact that Dr. Garmon practices what he preaches.


J. David (Jim) Stephens

Assistant General Overseer, Church of God

“The Outfront Leadership Series taught by Dr. Garmon in Kentucky made a positive impact. I have heard many testimonials of how his teaching on leadership principles changed hearts and minds, and behavior. I personally know of pastors who implemented new models of working with their churches as a direct result of attending Dr. Garmon’s seminars. I personally gained new insights into myself, my style of leadership, and areas that I need to adjust.
I highly recommend Dr. Garmon to any state overseer as someone who can lift the Leadership Quotient of ministers. We do a lot of church growth conferences, but very little teaching on real leadership. Kentucky had the largest number of ministers to attend Dr. Garmon’s five seminars of any training while I was the State Overseer.”

Dr. Mark Williams

Former General Overseer, Church of God and current Pastor of the North Cleveland Church of God

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Garmon to leaders from all walks of life who are committed to attempt great things for God and believe great things from God!”  “When it comes to leadership the words of Solomon seem apropos, “Of the making of books there is no end…”. However, when it comes to teaching leadership, no one stands taller than Dr. Fred Garmon. Fred is a leader, pure and simple. His ability to cast vision and inspire creativity have enabled him to build great churches and even a city in Cambodia! He is without a doubt a brilliant communicator whose administrative gifts shine.”"

Bishop Terry Hart


LeaderLabs (without a doubt) was one of the finest leadership development programs that I have ever participated in.  The ministerial couples in Alabama who received this training are already reaping the benefits from their investment.  I highly recommend LeaderLabs to anyone that wants to be a better leader and minister.  


Terry Hart

Administrative Bishop


Anonymous Pastor



“Dr. Garmon. I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say thank you for being you and teaching leadership training. Today I had a difficult conversation and without LeaderLabs I  know I would not have been equipped to be successful. I am so thankful for my leadership tool belt of self-awareness and seeking to understand and that conflict is a part of life and the ways to work through it. Among many others! The training I received at LeaderLabs has given me so much more perspective and I feel so much more "mature" because of it:) I was also able to talk with my spouse and since we had the same training it has really helped us as we begin to work through this situation in a healthy and godly way.”


Matt Ryerson

President and CEO United Way of Bradley County

Dr. Fred Garmon's inspiring messages on leadership transcends disciplines.  His philosophy and practical tools can be applied across all sectors, in the church pews, in the community with service and nonprofit organizations, or the board room in Fortune 500 Corporations.  His knowledge and principles of leadership apply in everyday leadership opportunities.  Additionally, Dr. Garmon's unique ability to communicate complex leadership theory into practical, every day applications is extraordinary.  I can't say enough!

Michael B. Knight

Pastor: Covenant Community Church, Ky

“Dr. Fred Garmon is one of the best kept secrets in the Church of God. Max Dupree wrote, 'The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.' Dr. Garmon has personally led the National Church Planting Office (NCPO) and leaders of Covenant Community Church (CCC) through the process of defining reality and building a strategy for change. Our NCPO graduates love Dr. Garmon. Our CCC volunteers quickly embraced his relational style of teaching and our Elders respect his professional insights and wisdom. Dr. Garmon brings across deep intellectual truths in a way that provides answers that produce desired change. And yet, Dr. Garmon speaks in such a way that those with little or no formal education can understand and grasp his teaching. You will not be disappointed by booking him; as a matter of fact in the end result, you will have been empowered as a leader of leaders to successfully lead at a higher level. I highly recommend him."

David Nitz

Lead Pastor, Village Church, FL

“Dr. Fred Garmon is a leader. His passion for training and inspiring other leaders is evidenced in his workshops. His positive and life-giving approach to helping churches and organizations maximize their potential is insightful and practical. By bringing 'fresh eyes' into the process, he can help any leadership team see more clearly their vision and how to apply it. The workshops are challenging, fun, and affordable. For leaders looking for something that will motivate and educate, Fred Garmon is the man.”

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Alton Carter

Pastor: Coastal Cathedral, Savannah, GA


In 20+ years of pastoral ministry, I have attended countless conferences and seminars all with the hope and anticipation of being able to obtain something that would help my church and myself move to the next level. I have been encouraged and picked up useful nuggets through the years but nothing was ever that breakthrough thing for me.

After each session of Leader labs, there was information that could be immediately applied to me as well as my church staff and leaders. the personality assessments alone have caused us to take a deeper informed look inside of ourselves. We were able to identify some strengths and weaknesses as well as exposing some blind spots. Leader Labs has caused us to begin to take more responsibility for our positions in ministry and to practice self-discipline and self-development.

After applying the principles of Leader Labs over the last few months we have already seen distinct measurable improvements in the staff and key leaders of Coastal Cathedral. The quality of our services has improved dramatically. We receive correspondence from our membership on a regular basis commenting in the affirmative on the noticeable change. Even my preaching style has improved, I am more distinct and to the point, staying on task and keeping the main thing the main thing.

To wrap it up, Dr. Fred Garmon and Leader Labs gave Coastal Cathedral the bump forward we were looking for to move our ministry to the next level. Leader Labs has given us fundamental leadership training that is easily applied to every aspect of our ministry. Before Leader Labs, I felt as though our church was about 3 years behind where we needed to be and was often discouraged thinking we would never be able to regain lost ground. After Leader Labs, I say with confidence that we are currently ahead of the curve and are effectively leading change.

Thank you, Dr Garmon, I am forever in your debt.


In Christ's service,

Bishop Alton Carter

April 2018

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