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Sample Letter to request assistance (Download Doc)


Dear (insert Direct Report’s Name/Manager/Boss),


I would like to request that (insert organization, church and/or State) sponsor (participant’s name) to attend the upcoming LeaderLabs, 10 Essential Skills of Executive Leadership training program.


LeaderLabs is quickly becoming the leadership development choice for business and ministry leaders who are serious about becoming the very best version of themselves possible. LeaderLabs is dedicated to supporting the work your team does. LeaderLabs provides the most trusted content and research available along with an important opportunity for people to learn about the latest concepts, vocabulary, research, tools, technology, and best practices that are being applied around the world. Our work is about developing people, and we believe that participation in the LeaderLabs training program will help your team be even more effective, helping them reap multiple benefits for your (company and/or ministry). Here’s an example of the benefits available to LeaderLabs participants:


  • Unparalleled professional development. LeaderLabs’ participants benefit from premier professional development, including Training LABS, Certificate Programs, and our Master Series Assessment Program. This training program offers professional development geared specifically to the needs of today’s challenges.

  • Cutting-edge research and insight. LeaderLabs brings its participants up to date on the latest trends, resources, and best practices through our LABS, email blasts, webcasts, conferences, and more. Our Labs include content from award-winning publications that cover leading-edge developments from todays’ most sought-after thought-leaders and opportunities to benchmark organizational strategies and practices against those of the best.

  • Extensive tools and resources. Participants will have access to resources; workbooks, practical tools, templates, surveys, assessments, models, and more that they can immediately implement.

  • Networking opportunities. Participants will gain access to what we call a connection culture of professionals, colleagues, peers, mentors and thought-leaders. There are a variety of opportunities to meet, connect, learn and grow expertise.


The projected cost for LeaderLabs, eight-day, 10 Essential Skills of Executive Leadership program is __________________, a fraction of the dollar value associated with other similar professional development programs. And it includes all the relevant and immediately applicable benefits you and your team can put to work for your company and/or ministry.


By supporting your team member, or your entire team’s participation, you are investing in the future of your organization and helping your team add even more value to those with whom they work and to those they serve.


I hope you will consider this request, and thereby grant approval and financial sponsorship to (name) to benefit from the LeaderLabs program.


Thank you for your consideration,

Fred Garmon

Fred Garmon, PhD

President and Founder

LeaderLabs, Inc.


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